Name: GrandMaster
Price: 30.00 AUD

GrandMaster rank gives you access to all prior ranks Commands / Perks as well as the following Commands / Perks

- /hatch (On a 1 hour cooldown)
- /craft (Opens a crafting table wherever you are)
- /anvil (Opens an anvil wherever you are)
- /checkspawns megaboss (/cs m)
- 14 homes
- Ability to see boss spawns in chat (can be toggled)
- GrandMaster tag in game
GrandMaster kit(weekly)
- 4x RareCrates (/keys)
- 8x Repeat Balls
- 1x ranch block + 4x ranch upgrades
- 20x Isi's Hourglass
- 1 Everstone + Destiny Knot