Before purchasing a rank you must read through and accept the Terms of Service stated below.

Terms of Service

- All purchases made here are final, do not ask for a refund.
- You still have to follow the server's rules and if needed will still be banned.
- Transferring ranks is permitted BUT the transfer must be between accounts that you own and the initial account will be set to default rank (if nothing was redeemed) or banned until the next server wipe.
- If you are under the age of 18, we strongly advise parents/guardians approval and or guidance.
- When you purchase an item, all of your personal information will be kept private.
- If you attempt a chargeback your account will be permanently banned and your Minecraft account information will be shared  to other servers in an attempt to prevent fraud.

If you have any questions relating to donating or our Terms of Service, please feel free to message an Admin.